We assist amazing companies by advancing the cash they require.

The best way to grow your business and expand your user base is by improving your cash flow and use it wisely. We provide funding to companies by lending funds or advancing them their known or projected revenues once we have sufficient comfort these are realistic and achievable. We actively monitor the use and results thereof for the duration of our involvement.



We have a fairly simple and straightforward application process, meaning you will provide us with the basic info and get an answer quickly.


Our funding arrangements are tailor made based on your specific situation and exact requirements as well as the comfort and security your business can offer to safeguard our funds.


If we like your business and model and believe in the case you present us with, a funding solution can often be worked out and operational in a matter of weeks.




The Triple Dragon founders are all experienced entrepreneurs who enjoy assisting fellow entrepreneurs in growing their businesses by working out creative funding mechanisms that are tailor made for each specific situation. We invest our own funds and when we come across a promising business that we like the look off, a deal can be struck very quickly.



Please apply by sending us the completed application form or by sending us an email. We are not overly bureaucratic so if you already have a memorandum prepared with the information we require then feel free to email it to us with some words of explanation as to your request.

Tell us about your products, your games or apps, and how we can access and use it. When we look at financing new businesses we don't just look at the numbers. How we like the look, feel and robustness of your work is as important to us your financial data. It is definitely a factor in any funding evaluation.

While our application form may appear long – remember the more data you give us the more meaningful discussions we can have about your needs without wasting time on basics that you can already supply us with now. All information is treated with the highest degree of confidentiality.